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Li Gangzhan, Secretary of the Commission for the discipline of the Academy of discipline, rushed to the Zhuhai Macao Bridge Project


The morning of August 25, 2017, has just completed the safety inspection of the Hainan project in a public hospital deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee, union president Li Gangzhan ignored Laughton, rushed to withstand typhoon "Columba" affected the director of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge site office, on-site condolences to their anti taiwan staff.

Secretary Li Gangzhan at the scene of a detailed view of the "Columba" after the main bridge engineering, bridge deck pavement damage, and one by one to see the office and living area. He pointed out that after listening to the defense of "Columba" typhoon situation report, "Columba", to the director of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge to do the production and life of great influence, after the typhoon, the staff quickly into the camp after the disaster clean-up, and in the shortest possible time to resume work show strong fighting force; also shows that the ark can according to the actual situation, in accordance with the anti taiwan related emergency requirements, the full implementation of the relevant precautions, do a solid job.

Secretary Li also reminded the person in charge of the scene that the most important task after the disaster is to resettlement staff, ensure that the living conditions of office should not be lowered, and urge construction units to comprehensively investigate hidden dangers before resuming work to ensure safety. "A strong typhoon" just before, "Parker" is coming. Secretary Li stressed that at a time when the post production of the critical period, the two director to continue to prevent the strong typhoon, the front landing requirements, strictly implement the measures against Taiwan, serious investigation office and living area and facilities equipment problems, to ensure the safety of personnel.

Xing Qiaoshan, the deputy general manager of our company, was accompanied by the condolence work.




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