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Li Liang was elected as the ten largest bridge figure in 2015~2016


In November 5th, sponsored by the bridge magazine, the award ceremony of the ten major bridge figures in 2015-2016 was held at the academic exchange center of Chongqing Jiaotong University. Our chairman and general manager Li Liang was elected the ten figure and won the award. The transportation department chief engineer Zhou Wei and other leaders, Deng Wenzhong, Du Yanliang, Nie Jianguo, China Academy of Engineering Hou Baorong, more than 10 academicians, Chinese Academy of Sciences Lai Yuanming and several academicians, Chongqing Jiaotong University Party committee secretary Chen Liuting, President Tang Boming, in a public hospital party secretary Wang Shuangjie attended the award ceremony master.

Li Liang's interview with host Jing Yidan

At the ceremony, Li Liang told host Jing Yidan interview, he used simple words to introduce the supervision industry, expressed his love for the supervision work and adhere to, and welcome more students to join the Luqiao cause, expect to have supervision engineer podium more station on the ten bridges of characters.

Zhou Wei, the chief engineer of the Ministry of transportation, presented a prize for Li Liang

Scene of the award ceremony

The "Ten Major Bridge figures" are selected in the design, construction, manufacturing, supervision and scientific research of the bridge construction in China. All the candidates for the development of the industry in the use of the new system model, new technology, new materials, exhibit outstanding spirit of courage and unique spirit of innovation, with a strong driving force, brand influence and force on the progress of science and technology industry, has created a remarkable social and economic benefits, made outstanding contributions to the development of the cause of bridge country.

Ten major bridge figures

The Xinhua News Agency made a special report on the award ceremony and carried out the whole picture and video broadcast. A number of news media have also been reported.

Li Liang's awards are given by the judges of the ten major bridges

Responsibility can be a promise, and responsibility can be a trust.

Li Liang has been immersed in supervision work for 30 years. It's not just a single line, a love affair, a simple loyalty to a profession. It's a common pursuit of close friends and a persistent commitment to the cause.

It is such an indelible passion that even if the industry is not mature enough, it can not waver his determination. Even if his colleagues doubt it, he will not obstruct his determination.

He and the ark for more than 20 years of ice breaking ahead, the creation of the enterprise brand, the guarantee of the quality of the bridge.

The first heart does not change, the heaven and the earth can be seen.

The first heart does not change, the square must always.

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