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Premier Dominic and Chinese ambassador to the York Canyon bridge project in the new spring


Local time on January 24, 2017 at 15:00 in the afternoon, Prime Minister Dominic I Skerritt and Mr. Dominic's cabinet personnel a line of more than 30 people, and China ambassador to Dominic Mr. Lu Kun together to aid in China Dominic York Gorge Bridge project site visit and inspect the Spring Festival condolences.

The construction personnel of the York Canyon bridge project are generally introduced and reported by the Chinese constructors. Roosevelt was pleased with the Prime Minister of York Gorge Bridge project progress at present and related construction, highly affirmed the construction unit for making efforts, full of confidence in the project completed on schedule and successful completion. Ambassador Lu Kun also on the York Gorge Bridge project construction units to overcome the difficulties in difficult conditions, the completion of the current project volume of about 40% appreciation in limited time, and we must continue to carry forward the fine tradition, to ensure the safety, quality and schedule.

Finally, the prime minister Roosevelt and Ambassador Mr. Lu Kun to China in many projects all personnel participating in the construction expressed wishes for a happy new year and a photo. 

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