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Ark company convened a working meeting in 2017


March 1, 2017 to 3, 2017 working conference held in Hainan Province, Haikou ark, ark of the leadership of the company, assistant general manager, deputy chief engineer, all branches, departments and project Department of the deputies and members of the Committee of 54 special green ginseng.

The ark of the chairman and general manager Comrade Li Liang made a work report to the general manager of the delegates at the work meeting, a comprehensive summary of the work and achievements of the ark company in 2016, analyzes the development situation of macro economy and industry, highway supervision industry at home and abroad trend, a department of the Ark's 2017 annual priorities. He pointed out that 2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the ark company according to the development target of strategic planning Chinese to build "five business" and "five in a public hospital, a public hospital" in reference to a public hospital early work will be put forward "to enhance the quality and efficiency for enterprise development the general programme, to the party building work for the protection, to achieve strategic and development with the reform and innovation of synchronization, business and market with the frequency of the general requirements, innovation and development, actively enterprising, complete the hospital issued indicators, in the" 13th Five-Year "at the beginning of the year has taken new steps to upgrade the development of enterprises.

In summing up the achievements, Li Liang also pointed out that at present, ark is facing problems and shortcomings such as insufficient pre operational capacity, reduced core business performance, prominent contradiction between human resources and production management, low per capita profit margin and so on. The development of the overall macroeconomic situation and industry trends, he also combined 2017 at home and abroad, as well as in a public hospital to create a "bamboo forest" system, combined with the company's future five year development plan, clarify the development of ideas, planning the ark a period of time in the future direction of development and transformation.

Li Liang stressed that 2017 is a crucial year for the company's restructuring and development, in accordance with the unified arrangements of Chinese built and hand in a public hospital in 2017 working conference, to strengthen brand building the ark, follow the pace of development of "five a public hospital", persist in reform and innovation, improve the quality and efficiency of development, deepen the core competitiveness, management professional the difference of operation and practice performance, simultaneously, to become steadily China most outstanding engineering consulting service providers. He also made detailed arrangements for the nine key tasks that Fang Zhou had focused on in 2017.

Comrade Dong Miaojie, the Secretary of the party's general branch of the Fang Zhou company, conveyed the spirit of the two meetings and the party affairs meeting to the delegates. He told delegates introduced the four session of the four Congress, and 2017 the work meeting, President Wu Mingxian conveyed the "continuous innovation, strengthen operational excellence, create the main content of the new engine" the transformation and upgrading of enterprises development work report, and report relevant points to the delegates to convey the China built related "in 2017 a six column" and other key content and the development of our company will work; then he told delegates to convey the Wang Shuangjie Secretary "to comprehensively strengthen party building, to promote the" five of a public hospital "strategy" ningxinjuli party work report, and the Secretary of Comrade Li Gangzhan "to strengthen discipline, supervision and discipline of accountability, promote the comprehensive strictly to the further development of" the Commission for Discipline Inspection Report points. During conveying the spirit of the work of the Party committee, comrade Dong Miaojie also introduced the activities of the Party branch activities of the ark company in 2016. Finally, he arranged the spirit of the series of conferences and meetings of the various project departments.

The deputy general manager and chief engineer of the ark company, comrade Xie Chengyuan, conveyed the conference spirit to the delegates to the conference. He first introduced the conference delegates to the Academy of safety and quality of work, focusing on the chief engineer Wang Anhui "to strengthen the responsibility to implement and maintain security and development, and resolutely put an end to production safety accidents" production safety work report of communication and interpretation, and require the company to each construction project to strengthen Mopai points and safety risk control, strengthen the special program review, increase the intensity of work, he also made arrangements for the 2017 production safety work, the requirements of various departments, the project department to seriously implement the related regulations, to prevent accidents, ensure the safe production work in 2017 in an orderly manner.

The meeting has invited well-known experts to conduct safety supervision work safety training, experts for nearly two years of serious production safety accident case and the court case, combined with the supervision practices and the requirements of the laws and regulations, analysis of the key points in safety work supervision matters needing attention and the procedures for safety supervision and inspection; the meeting also visited the naval base pearl of the South China Sea Bridge project safety museum experience, learning the project safety civilized construction and precast concrete floor with steel box making and sinking technology.

This work also carried out the democratic evaluation of the company's leaders and functional departments, signed the contract of safety responsibility, and commended the advanced individual and 2015 advanced group in 2016.

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