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  • Anhui Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge opened to traffic2018-02-28

    October 6th morning, Anhui Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge Bridge smooth closure Xie Chengyuan, vice general manager and chief engineer of our company, was invited to participate in the ceremony on the deck of the bridge in the morning 15:20 on October 5th, with the completion of

  • The ark won a number of top honors in the industry2018-02-16

    In 1987, the first modern expressway in China, the construction of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan expressway, is the first modern highway introduced by FIDIC in China Our hospital sent Li Liang and other young people to learn from foreign experts, improve their skills and experience In 1994

  • The two project of the company won the highest quality prize in China's transportation industry - Li Chunjiang2018-02-27

    In June 19th, 2014~2015 highway traffic engineering quality (Li Chun) awards ceremony held in Beijing, Xi& 39;an Fangzhou engineering consulting limited liability company is responsible for the supervision of the Hubei and Chongqing Edong Yangtze River Highway Bridge Wu Shui highway two p

  • Li Liang was elected as the ten largest bridge figure in 2015~20162018-02-27

    In November 5th, sponsored by the bridge magazine, the award ceremony of the ten major bridge figures in 2015-2016 was held at the academic exchange center of Chongqing Jiaotong University Our chairman and general manager Li Liang was elected the ten figure and won the award The t

  • Ark company convened a working meeting in 20172018-02-27

    March 1, 2017 to 3, 2017 working conference held in Hainan Province, Haikou ark, ark of the leadership of the company, assistant general manager, deputy chief engineer, all branches, departments and project Department of the deputies and members of the Committee of 54 special green gi