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Ningxia Yinchuan Lixing highway bridge project


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brief introduction

The total length of the project is 1.665 kilometers. Xingqing road across the railway bridge is 9 * 20+27.4 (prestressed hollow slab bridge (+51.2) steel pipe concrete tied arch) +27.8+2 * 30+3 * 20+28+2 * 20 (prestressed hollow board) structure, the North Second Ring Road No. 1 bridge is 30+70+70+30 single tower and double cable plane concrete cable-stayed bridge structure, north two ring No. 2 bridge the main bridge is three span reinforced concrete arch 15+25+15m architecture, West Lake Road branch 31 ditch bridge advocate for 15+25+15m reinforced concrete arch bridge system, the Yingbin Hotel No. 1 bridge is a single span 50 meters tied arch bridge structure, the Yingbin Hotel No. two bridge is a single span of 50 meters of prestressed concrete rigid frame bridge. The No. 1 short tower cable-stayed bridge in Lixing Road, Yinchuan, is one of the world's largest single pagoda cable-stayed bridges. It was opened in December 2007.



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