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Simon Ankang City of Ziyang County of River Bridge



brief introduction

Simon Ankang City of Ziyang County of river bridge project supervision as the starting point of k0+053.919 route, route extends eastward across the Hanjiang River end point k0+392.919 connected to Ziyang district. The total length of the route is 339 meters, the center pile number of the bridge is k0+197, and the main span of the main bridge is 220 meters in the middle bearing concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge. The arch axis is a parabola of two times, with a height span ratio of 1/4.5, a vector height of 48.88 meters, a net span of 217.09 meters, and a cross dumbbell four tube truss type concrete filled steel tube structure with an arch rib section of X =1.7x4.4m. At both ends of the steel tube arch, the simple supported hollow slab of 20m is set up respectively.


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