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East Yangtze River Highway in Anhui


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Wangdong Yangtze River bridge is located in Wangjiang county and Dongzhi County of Anhui province. It is 88 kilometers away from the upper reaches of Jiujiang and Yangtze River bridge, and 58 kilometers from the lower reaches of Anqing and Yangtze River bridge. It is the first Yangtze River bridge in the upper reaches of the eight hundred Li Wan River and the longest span cable stayed bridge in Anhui province. In East Yangtze River bridge, the five span semi floating system cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 638 meters is adopted in the East. Separated double box girder steel concrete composite beam type using PK type, the lower pile foundation. The tower adopts a streamline vase type main tower, tower 216 meters high tower, 217 meters high. On December 30, 2016, at 3 p.m., East Yangtze River bridge was officially opened.

Wang Dong Yangtze River bridge was 1250m in length, with span arrangement (78+228+638+228+78), its main span is the largest span composite girder cable-stayed bridge, the technical difficulty of complex, high safety risk, external interface interface, many difficult coordination and the construction supervision work challenges.



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