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Anhui Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge


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Brief introduction:

Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge and wiring is Anhui province highway network planning "eight vertical and four horizontal" in the "two vertical" is an important part of Wuhu city has important Guojiangtongdao river development project, the starting point is located in Wuwei County Shi Jian, the construction of the north along the highway, finally Fanchang County asan, Shanghai and Chongqing. Has completed the highway (South River). Route length of approximately 55.508 km, the highway construction standards, the design speed of 100 km / hour; the North junction is 20.782 km long, south shore connection 20.798 km long, 13.928 km long main bridge across the river; across the river 1622 meters long main bridge, the main span of 806 meters of Twin Towers and four cable planes and separated steel box girder cable-stayed bridge, Sotago 262.48 meters from the east to inaction; exchange between the exchange of Sanshan two-way 6 lane, the connection range of two-way 4 Lane standard. Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge is located in Wuhu City Sanshan Port (Sinotrans wharf) 812 meters upstream, upstream from the Tongling railway Yangtze River bridge 24 kilometers away from the lower reaches of the Wuhu Yangtze River rail bridge 34 km. A total of 13 bridges, 1 of them in Yangtze River bridge, other large 5 bridges, bridge 2 bridge, 5 bridges, 1 tunnels, 5 interchange (respectively Y interchange, Shi Jian Dongdan Wuwei, Sanshan double horn trumpet interchange interworking, single trumpet interchange, Fanchang Fanchang North East type III 3), hub interchange ramp toll station, service area 1, road management center 1, maintenance work area 2. The total investment in the project budget is 9 billion 39 million yuan, and it is planned to be opened to traffic at the end of 2017.


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