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Heixiazi Island Wusu Bridge


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brief introduction

Wusu bridge, located in the Chinese territory in the east of Fuyuan County, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, Heixiazi Island, Chinese territory in the East, across the Heilongjiang channel in Fuyuan, known as the "Oriental first China bridge". The total length of the project is 6.41 kilometers, of which the main bridge Wusu bridge is 1606 meters long, and the main span is 140 meter single tower steel box girder cable-stayed bridge. It is the world's first large cantilever steel box combined beam cable stayed bridge. Bridge single column tower crown shape implied to be put in the sun, a symbol of peace and friendship between China and Russia people's vision of beautiful generation. The color of the main girder and main girder of the bridge is a Chinese characteristic "China Red", which reflects the five thousand years of the Chinese nation's thick cultural details, implying the profound meaning of "harmony" and "auspiciousness" between the two peoples.


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