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Xiamen Sea Bridge



brief introduction

Across the nine Longjiang Xiazhang bridge from Xiamen to Chengdu national highway to the Zhangzhou section of the Xiamen Haicang Tianbao green reef hub interchange, across the Gulf of Xiamen, by Haimen Island, ending in Zhangzhou after Longhai, connected with the Zhangzhou Port Development Zone of a highway and Zhaoyin port highway, is one of the three north-south channel traffic planning of Xiamen City, Fujian province is planning "eight vertical and nine horizontal" trunk road network in the coastal big channel in South Fujian Golden Triangle area key project. Among them, the North Main Bridge is 1290 meters long and the main span is 780 meters. The bridge is a continuous semi floating system. The double cable plane cable-stayed bridge of Twin Towers occupies the sixth and ninth of the world in the same type of bridge. It has become the landmark building of Xiamen Bay.


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