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Anqing Yangtze River Highway Bridge



brief introduction

The length of the Anqing Yangtze River Highway Bridge is 50+215+510+215+50 meters, the Twin Towers double cable plane steel box girder cable-stayed bridge, the total length is 5985.66 meters, of which the North approach bridge is 767.5 meters, and the south approach bridge is 810.5 meters. Anqing Yangtze River Highway Bridge is a national "fifteen" key project. It is also an important part of Anhui's "861" action plan access project. It is the third way to connect the north and south of the Yangtze River. The bridge was officially started in November 18, 2001, and the safety accident was zero in the construction process, and the bridge was opened in advance for nearly 1 years. The supervision department was appraised by the Anqing Municipal People's government as "the active unit". The senior resident Xie Chengyuan was appraised by Anhui Province as "the model of Anhui labor model".


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