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Jingzhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge in Hubei



brief introduction

Hubei Jingzhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge a total length of 4177.6 meters, the North Branch of Navigable Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with double cable plane concrete 200+500+200 meters of Twin Towers, in the same type bridge in the "first in Asia and second in the world;" 38 Chau Bridge is 100+6 * 150+100 m Prestressed Concrete Continuous Girder bridge, continuous girder bridge is the longest continuous domestic the South Branch; navigable bridge main span 300 meters twin tower concrete cable-stayed bridge. The bridge is a complex structure, and the bridge structure covers many forms of international and domestic long-span bridges, and is known as the "Museum of Chinese Bridge Construction". It's open in October 1, 2002.


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