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Chongqing wusheng Hechuan Expressway



brief introduction

The total length of 33.875 kilometers, the bridge 3577.5 meters /4 block, small bridge 284 meters /6, interchange (Mo Xiangjiaba Interchange) 1, special ground 358 meters /2, of which the main bridge baiguodu Jialing River Bridge is 10 * 40+130+230+130+13 * 40 meter continuous rigid frame structure, small Anxi bridge: left: 7 x 30+60+100+60+5 x 30 right: 8 * 30+60+100+60+8 * 30 continuous rigid frame and simply supported T beam structure, the seven hole bridge bridge is 10 x 40 meters T beam structure, Fujiang three spans are 40+110+200+110+13 * 40m, a total length of 994.37 meters, the superstructure is 110+200+110m three span prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge. The deer mountain left tunnel length 514m, right tunnel length 500m, width of 2 x 9.75m high 7.03m single round arched wall structure.


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