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Qianjiang to Pengshui section of Yuxiang Expressway



brief introduction

Chongqing to Changsha highway that Chongqing Hunan Expressway is one of the country's western development eight provincial road, is a national "7918" planning of highway network in Inner Mongolia Baotou to Guangzhou Maoming longitudinal line, horizontal line connecting China's southwest, South, Southeast, a ray is Chongqing city road network planning "two ring eight shot. And this project is a section of Qianjiang to Pengshui section of the highway. DJ2 director's jurisdiction is D11 to D23 contract section. The route starts from the town of Qianjiang, and ends at Pengshui, Bao Jia town (K44+200 ~ K81+044.545), with a total length of 36.84KM. The main works of Chief Executive Office under DJ2 are: 6 million 348 thousand cubic meters of roadbed and earthwork, 1 million 368 thousand cubic meters of drainage and protection works, 33 culverts and passageways, 21 bridges, 3 extra large bridges, 13 tunnels, 1 pedestrian bridges and 1 pedestrian overpasses.


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