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Lanzhou to Haikou national freeway Wudu to jar gully section


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Brief introduction:

Gansu province Wudu ~ Guanzigou Expressway (state) is the blue sea (mouth) is an important part of highway, Wu Guan Expressway starting point K0+000 is located in Wudu district two Shui Zhen Xi Ping, Longnan city is located in the K132+430 end point Wenxian Qing Yu Gou general stone (Gansu Sichuan circles), Sichuan province (the sandbars of Sichuan and Gansu circles) Guangyuan highway. Wuguan expressway is 130.4 kilometers long, and the estimated investment of the project is 11 billion 900 million yuan. The two way four lane Expressway standard is built on the whole line. The design speed is 80 kilometers per hour and the width of the roadbed is 24.5 meters.


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