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The main line of the Beijing Zhuhai National Road around the east section of the Guangzhou highway


brief introduction

Beijing Zhuhai national highway trunk line highway around Guangzhou East Pearl River Whampoa bridge length of 7047 meters, the longest bridge in Guangdong Province, and the largest tunnel across the span of Longtoushan tunnel, it is considered by experts as the "highway textbooks", in which the amount of estimates for Whampoa Pearl River Bridge amounted to 2 billion 238 million yuan, a huge investment, be worthy of the name the first bridge in Southern China. The bridge from the North Branch of the main span of 383 meters of single tower cable-stayed bridge (built in the world when the same type bridge in the first place) and the South Branch of the main span of 1108 meters is composed of suspension bridge. The width of the bridge is 34.5 meters, which accommodates 6 lanes, and reserves 8 Lane locations. The Longtou mountain tunnel is the longest two-way separation eight Lane Expressway Tunnel in China, with a width of 2*18m.



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