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The main city of Chongqing along the Yangtze River to the Fuling section



Brief introduction:

The mileage of the supervision route of the chief city of Chongqing along the main city of the Chongqing highway to Fuling is K24+900---K67+688.223, with a total of 42.79 kilometers. It includes five civil construction contract sections of W2, W4, W7, W8 and W9. The design is a two-way four lane Expressway with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, the width of the integral subgrade is 24.5 meters, and the width of the separate subgrade is 12.25 meters. The vehicle load grade of the full line bridge and culvert adopts the highway -1 level. The main structures are: 2 large bridges, 17 bridges, 1 long tunnels, 3 long tunnels, 1 middle tunnels, 2 interchange and so on.


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