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Hubei Yunxian (Hubei Henan Province) to Shiyan Expressway



brief introduction

Hubei highway ten is a highway in Shanxi province's Houma city to Hubei city of Shiyan Province, Hubei province is an important section of the skeleton highway network planning "five vertical and five horizontal two ring" fifth vertical, route length of 67 kilometers, the investment budget is 6 billion 400 million yuan. The road from the Hubei Henan Provincial pigeon Valley, Yunxian, Maojian District, Shiyan economic development zone and the Han Fu silver high-speed (Wuhan) ten (Shiyan section) is a total length of 67.268 km. This project adopts the design speed V=80km/h of two-way four lane highway standard, the standard width of subgrade is 24.5m, and the design load of bridge and culvert is highway - I grade.


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