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Set Sail in Fangzhou and Build Dream Together

Since 1994 Fangzhou has been devoting oursleves to the development of cummunication consturction industries with professional technology and enthusiasm. During the last 20 years our business spreads across every corner of China and dozens of countires, such as Asia, Africa, Pacific and Southern Pacific etc. 

Our development is witnessed by thousands miles of expressway and hundreds of bridges. Several projects under the supervision of Fangzhou represent the top-level among the similar roads and bridges, such as Qinghai-Tibet Highway,(plateau frozen section),Beijin-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Qinglin-Zhongnanshan Tunnel in Shaanxi Province, Edong Changjiang River Highway Bridge in Hubei Province, Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Wuhu Changjiang Bridge in Anhui Province.    

We are still striving constantly to realize the dream of a houndres years Fangzhou and we are looking forward to your joining.

Remuneration and Welfare:

1、Competitive remuneration in the industry and within the area.

2、Perfect occupation planning and wide promotion space. 

3、Enjoy national holidays,marriage leave, home leave, paid annual leave etc.

4、Five social insurance and housing fund, also including supplementary medical insurance. 

5、Communication allowance and accomadation subsidies.

6、Periodical physical examination.

7、Birthday and holiday condolence.

8、Various in-job training.