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Xi’an Fangzhou Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd was established in 1994, and its predecessor is Supervision Department of CCCC First Highway Consultants Co., Ltd., it is a state-owned enterprise with independent legal personality under CCCC First Highway Consultants Co., Ltd....



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The ark man has accumulated and precipitated the absolute superiority of the construction supervision technology of the special independent bridge across the river across the sea for twenty years.
  • Enterprise Mission

    High-end consulting services to enhance project quality

  • Core Values

    Honesty is higher than all, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai

  • Enterprise Vision

    Become China's best engineering consulting service providers

  • Enterprise Spirit

    Adhere to, thanksgiving, harmony, beyond

  • Management Idea

    Take a project, establish a brand, open up a market, a number of training personnel

  • Enterprise Service Concept

    Trustworthy, Compliance

  • Quality Policy

    Grasp the program, attention to detail, process control, the results are reliable

  • Strategic Target

    Ark brand, the strength of the Ark, cultural Ark, charm of the Ark

  • Slogan

    Thousand sail competition, Ark competing first. Ark, trustworthy


Construction Supervision Technology for Special Independent Bridge Project

From Wenzhou Bridge 20 years ago to under-constructed Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge...

Selecting and selecting weight: identifying the values of ark engineering consulting is the first prerequisite for our selection. We choose the employees with both ability and virtue first.